Parties to be announced for upcoming Wilde Calm releases. We're currently hiding out in the Wilde Calm Cave getting WC-005 and WC-006 both ready for release.

RIP Elodie

It's with a heavy heart that we share this WNYC show about the life and music of composer Elodie Lauten who passed away earlier this week. Elodie and Wilde Calm had been working on two releases over the last few years. The first release will come out next month on 12" vinyl. Elodie was excited to extend the (much deserved) reach of her music by releasing on Wilde Calm.

The White Light series has always been a Wilde Calm favorite because guest DJs are encouraged to create mixes that go beyond what they might normally play at a gig and/or songs that they listen to after a night out. Neoteric and Matty C, the head honchos over at White Light, have put together a stellar mix to celebrate five years of guest mixes (Pocketknife contributed a mix for White Light 80).
Many of the tracks in the White Light 100 Mix are available for download including an exclusive Pocketknife rework from the upcoming Tambourine Dream 2 release. Here's what the White Light dudes had to say:

“It’s taken over 5 years to get to this point, but the ride has been smooth. What’s a road trip without a good co-pilot though? We have to sincerely thank each and every artist that has committed their time, and a little bit of their soul to the series. We initially had a plan to call it quits at the hundredth mix if we could get Cut Copy to deliver a mix like those that so inspired us to turn this idea into sound. We’re not ready to pull over, however. In fact, we want to keep driving deeper into space. These mood pieces, we hope, are timeless and there are still a great many heroes to contribute, and thousands of records as yet unplayed that need to be shared. Now what is the story of this mix? Well, it’s just music to make you feel. Many of the tracks used are from The Centennial Collection, an album of tracks and edits submitted by past guests of the series, which can be acquired on the website. Huge thanks to all artists who contributed tracks and mixes, and to you, for joining us on this journey!”

Live mix done on Record Store Day 2014 in NYC at Other Music. Enjoy!