Wilde Calm Presents: Miracle 2 Record Release Party
Friday, September 4th
Happy Ending
302 Broome Street

With DJs:
Boonlorm (Wilde Calm)
Bryce Hackford (Deep Trouble NYC, DFA, PRAH)

Resident DJ Justin Strauss on at midnight

Elodie Lauten featuring Nirosta Steel "Miracle 2"

Wilde Calm Records is honored to present the final project with the late Elodie Lauten, a new version of the spiritual club classic “In the Light of the Miracle.” The original version was co-written by fellow downtown luminary Arthur Russell in the early 1980s and appeared on his posthumous 1994 album, Another Thought. Numerous club-friendly remixes of "In the Light..." were released as promotional white labels in the 1990s and helped bring this amazing proto-house song to the dance floor.

This new version for Wilde Calm uses Chicago house music as the starting point and features Lauten on vocals and keys, Nirosta Steel (Steven Hall) on additional vocals, Peter Zummo on trombone, and production/arranging by Pocketknife.

L.A.'s Gifted & Blessed (Gifted and Blessed, Wild Oats, Eglo) references Lauten's more well-known compositions and takes the dance floor of "Miracle 2" out into the cosmos. Brooklyn's Bryce Hackford (PRAH, DFA) focuses on the instrumental extending it way out and roughing it up with heavy Bushwick Body Actualized vibes.

Edition of 400 copies on white vinyl
Design by Kimmy Laposky
Artwork by Joshua Gurrie
Hand-stamped watermark and numbered with love

Vinyl in stores mid-October
Digital single to follow

Elodie Lauten "Transform EP"

Wilde Calm Records is honored to present new work from the late Elodie Lauten, New York City composer and recipient of the 2014 Robert Rauschenberg Award. Lauten had been exploring microtonality and alternative temperament since working on a Fairlight CMI synthesizer in the early 1980s and up until her untimely death, had been continuing these explorations with the Klio, her custom modular Reaktor software synthesizer.

Many Wilde Calm fans will be familiar with Lauten’s music from her numerous collaborations with fellow downtown luminary Arthur Russell. Lauten and Russell met through their mutual poet friend Allen Ginsberg and shared a similar sensibility of musical openness and possibility as evident in their spiritual club classic “In the Light of the Miracle” and Russell’s appearance on Lauten’s seminal post- minimalist masterwork The Death of Don Juan.

Five remastered selections from her most recent album Transform feature on the EP in addition to a Wilde Calm remix. For fans of Laurie Spiegel and Suzanne Ciani, Lauten’s synth explorations are essential.

Edition of 500 vinyl copies
First 100 copies printed on deluxe Stumptown White/Kraft Duplex jackets
Screenprinted covers
Full-colour insert
Liner notes by Jayson Greene
Artwork by Joshua Gurrie
Design by Kimmy Laposky
Hand-stamped and numbered with love

Vinyl in stores early November
Digital album to follow

RIP Elodie

It's with a heavy heart that we share this WNYC show about the life and music of composer Elodie Lauten who passed away earlier this week. Elodie and Wilde Calm had been working on two releases over the last few years. The first release will come out next month on 12" vinyl. Elodie was excited to extend the (much deserved) reach of her music by releasing on Wilde Calm.