Parties to be announced for upcoming Wilde Calm releases. We're currently hiding out in the Wilde Calm Cave getting WC-005 and WC-006 both ready for release.

Record Store Day
Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Other Music (NYC)
Boonlorm DJ Set from 3pm-4pm

Boonlorm: Snow Dog - Wilde Calm Mix 2014

A mix to celebrate the remastered import edition of Boonlorm's String Figures album released by Snow Dog Records. The track selection highlights influences, inspiration and the overall vibe of Boonlorm's world.

Boonlorm "Hairdo Gone"
Patricia "Four Fingered"
Mark E "Archway"
In Flagranti "Headrush"
Azari & III "Lost In Time"
Maxmillion Dunbar "Cassette Arabic"
Orgue Electronique "Longing"
Jupiter Jax "Star Cruisin'"
Lil Tony "House (Raw)"
The Cyclist "Vision"
The Clover "Find Yourself"
Blondes "Wire"
Entro Senestre "La Caccia"

Found this great video about the invention of the prepared piano and how the sounds are created. Enjoy!

Boonlorm "String Figures" Special Edition

Wilde Calm has partnered with Japanese label, Snow Dog Records, to re-release a completely remasterd version of Boonlorm's String Figures. Earlier this year, Snow Dog commissioned and released a great compilation of Black Jazz Record songs mixed by Detroit maestro Theo Parrish. String Figures is in good hands with Snow Dog!

This new version of String Figures comes with a bonus track called "Hairdo Gone" which is an homage to the Lil' Louis classic "Video Clash." This special edition will be released on January 21, 2014 worldwide.